From Twitter 03-29-2010

  • Mar. 30th, 2010 at 2:01 AM
cloverdew: (Default)

  • 07:44:04: Morning earlybirds, who wants coffee? ;)
  • 09:09:24: What the heck is a "certified internet market strategist" and where does this certification come from? #justcurious
  • 09:10:32: @MeghanJG Absolutely. Drizzly and gross outside. :( Loving the caramel cappuccino I'm drinking now, though. Thank goodness for Starbucks. :P
  • 09:16:01: @46thatgrace I always find Ryan Adams fo be good rainy day music.
  • 09:53:46: I have a sinking feeling about today. :(
  • 10:58:26: Cold and drizzly. Already had coffee, on to tea to warm up.
  • 11:01:17: @ziasami I use 4sq to find out tips on places I've not tried, get recs for new places, keep tabs on friends, opportunities for mtg people.
  • 11:05:04: @ziasami 4sq is also a great way to let people know businesses you frequent and why, leave tips and advice for others.
  • 11:28:20: RT @cubanalaf: 'Going #Green' Movement More than a Trend
  • 11:36:22: For all you designers/developers/bloggers, what's the 1 piece of advice you'd give to someone just jumping into WordPress?
  • 11:49:54: @ziasami Yep. Once you set up 4sq, you can add your Twitter acct info and it will auto-update to Twitter if you tell it to.
  • 13:14:52: If I wrote guidebook for DC, #1 rule would be DO NOT TRAVEL ON METRO DURING RUSH HOURS. If u to do so, expect the wrath of DCers.-@mollytics
  • 13:33:58: Twitter tip: Tweet for yourself : share what benefits you: links, info, your own insights. If it's valuable to you, it's valuable to others.
  • 13:40:54: Discussion on Twitter etiquette: 10 Ways Some Followers Are Ruining Your Twitter Style [via@bitrebels @modbird]
  • 13:46:02: @AmericanU Student Newspaper Vandalized Over "Rape Apology": #feminism #fem2
  • 14:08:41: RT @JonAston: Five Critical Facebook Tips From Randi Zuckerberg Great tips for #nonprofit #nptech here.
  • 15:01:49: @montiac712 No prob. Thought there were some useful things there. :)
  • 15:42:10: @montiac712 How COOL! I wish I could apply for that (don't fit their requirements). Looks like a great project, though.
  • 15:57:35: RT @RevRunWisdom: Never look down on someone unless ur helping them up
  • 16:09:05: For a blog post: how has social media (Twitter, blogging, Google Buzz, Facebook) increased your efficiency/productivity/ability to schedule?
  • 16:32:18: Great discussion at @AmberCadabra's blog about Participation, Expectations and Responsiblity of web presence:
  • 16:58:32: Plastic bag use appears to have dropped dramatically after the 5-cent fee went into effect /via @DCist_Updates
  • 18:00:48: Research for blog post: How have Twitter, Facebook or blogs increased your efficiency/productivity/ability to schedule?
  • 20:20:34: @bratkartoffel Great answers. Thanks :)
  • 20:22:27: RT @skydiver: “The avg pencil is 7" long, with just a 1/2" eraser - in case u thought optimism was dead.” -(via @mashageller) Haha! Love it!
  • 20:44:57: @ConvertingMe Why not?
  • 20:50:09: @ConvertingMe Oh... I thought you meant you didn't like Google Analytics. :P
  • 20:57:41: Feeling... deflated.
  • 22:11:34: After a long rainy day, nothing beats a Skype video chat with my sweetheart. <3 Off to bed with a smile on my face and love in my heart.

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