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  • Apr. 2nd, 2010 at 3:03 AM
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  • 07:32:29: Good morning, everyone. How are you this morning?
  • 07:37:44: Reading: If Web Browsers Were Modes of Transportion /via @problogger
  • 07:38:42: What health care reform means for racial and ethnic minorities: /via @MayaRockeymoore
  • 08:17:13: My days are always better when they start with clear skies, sunshine, and my favorite smooth jazz radio dj Metro train operator.
  • 08:52:24: @vargasl That bites. I usually take that as a sign that either it was not important or I'm trying to do too many things at once...
  • 08:52:55: Planned protests outside our building today. Should make this April Fool's Day even more interesting...
  • 08:56:55: @dadaliketostada Oh, but she was awesome. I loved that she worked on cars. I always wanted to learn about that myself.
  • 08:59:32: @JenNedeau Ouch. No fun. Get your coffee and get 'em back ;)
  • 09:09:31: Looking for free podcasts on public relations, marketing, graphic design, web development, non-profits. Hit me with your best shot!
  • 09:20:48: RT @chuckhemann: Arguments from @harvardbiz in this article are worth considering. Is this social media thing a bubble?
  • 09:22:45: @bookwormcu To be honest, I'm not even sure. Welcome to DC. LOL
  • 09:46:35: Loving #prbc this morning. Sense of humor: required. :)
  • 10:34:20: @rebeccadenison Seriously, that would be so awesome. Have a feeling that was an April Fool's joke, though. :( #prbc
  • 10:36:23: @rebeccadenison Agreed. How are you this fine morning? Hope the weather in Chicago is as nice as it is here. :) Beautiful spring day!
  • 10:41:33: @rebeccadenison Absolutely. I did that last night with a friend. Good times. Looking forward to Spring Cleaning this weekend. :)
  • 10:46:33: @DunkinDonuts goes vintage with a redesign of the logo: (via @Cohenspire @chadengle @MadysonDesigns) *Awesome!
  • 10:49:04: RT @MadysonDesigns: Fuel Your Creativity - 10 reasons why clients should have their nephew design their website Bwahaha
  • 10:51:40: Morning, @zaneology @meredithmarsh. How are you ladies this morning? Just love seeing your beautiful smiling avatars on my screen :)
  • 10:52:27: @rebeccadenison You got it. Bought new sneaks last weekend and threw out two pairs of shoes - long overdue. ;) My closet needs help, though.
  • 11:27:43: #listeningto the new mashup album, the notorious xx (biggie vs. the xx), from wait what
  • 11:49:33: Tilt-shift is the new bokeh. Does anyone just take photos anymore? Thinking about getting out my 1970 Canon 35mm.
  • 12:19:57: Having salad in the sun. I love picnics in the park - even if I'm solo (@ Franklin Square Park)
  • 12:39:33: w00t!! RT @JonAston Can I have a #12for12K "W00t!"? 12 great nonprofits & causes to follow on Twitter.
  • 12:54:31: @rachelakay To me, it's pretty obvious that the person didn't give it enough of a chance or was following all the wrong people.
  • 12:55:09: @rachelakay Twitter, like most anything, is what you make of it and perhaps this pro didn't know how to utilize the tool him/herself.
  • 12:56:18: @rachelakay Doesn't necessarily mean the pro isn't valuable in other ways, but obviously as well-rounded as some others.
  • 14:17:25: Coworker brought monkey bread to our meeting today. I couldn't resist.
  • 14:19:27: RT @auwebmanager: 5 cent plastic bag tax decreased usage from 22.5 mil. to 3.3 mil. in #DC. from @Wonkette! Go #green!
  • 14:44:59: @MeghanJG I know! Isn't that INSANE? I know I stopped using them as much and am very glad I have, hopefully other cities will follow.
  • 14:59:20: Editing our website and the code is all wonky. I really hate the way Dreamweaver has the illusion of making websites easy to build. </rant>
  • 15:17:46: Went to view source code in Google Chrome. Boy, was that a mistake. Think I'll stick to Firefox, thx.
  • 15:18:22: @aerialmelodies No, no, no. Not me. I actually don't mind it. But whoever built the pages originally didn't know code. It's a MESS.
  • 15:18:57: @aerialmelodies Dreamweaver is no substitute for writing code, which is clearly what was done in this case.
  • 15:20:26: RT @12for12k: Hey #12for12K! We didn't get the job done for #Boundless in March. Let's do better in April!
  • 15:21:32: @CooleyHorner I'm liking it better for some things, Firefox for others. I use Safari at home a bit, as well.
  • 15:31:50: @MommyGeekology I did "inspect element" but all the drop-down things were really annoying. :/ Gross.
  • 15:45:20: @aerialmelodies Exactly..... *long sigh* If I had the time, I'd recode the behemoth myself, but web isn't actually my full time job.
  • 15:55:24: @yurikokinje I KNOW. GO AWAY. DNW.
  • 16:19:10: @crafting_change Very cool. I just started volunteering with #WACDTF last weekend. :)
  • 16:33:52: @crafting_change I'm definitely liking it so far. :)
  • 16:49:30: I may or may not be the stab-ee.
  • 17:34:35: Catching up on awesome blog posts on the train using Instapaper. Great app! Will Tweet the gems when I get home.
  • 17:46:24: @womensmediacntr oh, now that totally was not funny. :(
  • 19:15:07: Home for healthy homecooked dinner, shower, catching up with the blogging world, Bones.
  • 19:18:40: @gracesmith gives insight on her wireframing process. Great read.
  • 19:26:51: @AmberCadabra pushes the envelope, makes waves and is on a quest to be most excellent. I'm joining. Are you?
  • 19:29:21: Some great blogging advice from the great @copyblogger: The Houdini Guide to Getting Noticed Online
  • 19:31:22: From the @HarvardBiz : From Social Media to Social Strategy - why both are important
  • 19:33:26: An oldie, but a goodie: @arikhanson's 9 Words to Live By in the Digital Age
  • 21:32:12: Ryan Adams helps heal my heart. I love his music.
  • 21:38:40: @Osyrn @Choodomir Sorry I missed hanging out with my fave #dcnano peeps tonight, but hopefully will see you all soon!
  • 21:47:29: @gunshotglitter Sounds good to me!

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