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From Twitter 04-02-2010

  • Apr. 3rd, 2010 at 3:01 AM
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  • 07:08:32: Agreed! RT @ramartijr: @DannyBrown is one of the greatest PR people Ive met. Also Creator of #12for12k an amazing human being. #FollowFriday
  • 07:49:52: RT @washingtonpost: News of #Metro rapes delayed: Differing accounts for why public not told of at least 2 rapes in #wmata system http: ...
  • 07:51:47: @amymengel oh, no! Sending my best your way. Hope it's quick and relatively painless.
  • 07:54:46: Dear @Twitter, let me sort users by real name or Twitter name or date of following, too /via @mojoguzzi @g33kgurrl
  • 08:19:01: It's warm enough for flip-flops today. I love spring!
  • 08:59:38: Excited that my office colleagues and I will be attending the Engage webinar w/ @briansolis & @radian6 this afternoon!
  • 09:16:34: Renegade Health Care Reform Proposal by @jonathanfields : :)
  • 09:19:33: @vboykis YUM. I sooo need to get the hookah out this weekend. :) YAY for warm weather! Thinking jasmine or rose flavor. Loving the flowers.
  • 09:20:49: @atlimbo Ew. They should #getaroom. Were they tourists? Cuz I already have tourist stories this year. #headdesk
  • 09:23:45: So excited that my interest in PR, marketing, social media is challenging others to rethink strategy. (@vargasl)
  • 09:30:55: @vboykis V. nice. We should have a hookah party sometime, yes? :)
  • 09:33:17: RT @cubanalaf: Slick tool: CloudApp for Mac *Thanks for the rec. Definitely checking that out! :)
  • 09:36:53: @Leishkin Likely. Ex did that to me a lot. Not pretty.
  • 09:57:33: @Leishkin Weird. Awkward, even. :/
  • 10:09:44: #followfriday people whose avatars always make me smile: @TransitionalTee @zaneology @shonali @sonnygill @rebeccadenison @tjdietderich :D
  • 10:12:54: @Osyrn Awesome. ENJOY! :)
  • 10:13:22: @rebeccadenison Clearly, you just need to visit the DC area ;)
  • 10:14:20: @starmoon Hahaha. I've had days like that.
  • 10:15:50: @rebeccadenison I know! Sadness. You must come back again soon. :)
  • 10:16:25: @sonnygill LOVE IT. How are you today, Sonny? Your face always makes me smile. When are you getting back out this way? Anytime soon? :)
  • 10:19:34: @rebeccadenison Oh, man, you *just* missed the cherry blossoms, too. I'll see what I can do about posting a twitpic today. They're GORGEOUS.
  • 10:20:04: @sonnygill Good here. Looking forward to spring cleaning this weekend and getting outside in the sun! :)
  • 10:24:21: @Choodomir Haha. Yours makes me smile, too, but better if it were actually YOUR face :P
  • 10:34:11: I really wish Google Analytics were a little more user-friendly. Need to track for a specific page on our site. Any advice?
  • 10:36:29: @tjdietderich I love it. :) How are you this fine Friday?
  • 10:39:25: @tjdietderich Sounds good. Long day, here, then poker and vinyl spinning party at a friend's house. Good times. :)
  • 10:43:19: Reading: Women in Web Design and Development - via @gracesmith
  • 10:53:41: @aerialmelodies No problem. Just thought I'd show you what I was working on... :)
  • 10:55:19: @ziasami It is, but I don't see it yet. Went live yesterday. Lag? If not, I guess there's a problem. :/
  • 10:55:31: @sara_mc Thanks, Sara! :)
  • 10:59:43: @ziasami Not at all... wonder if it just doesn't show if there's 0 views. That's a possibility.
  • 11:08:56: My Twitter friends and followers are all starting to overlap from various parts of my life. Worlds collide. #kaboom
  • 11:09:29: @ziasami Awesome. Thanks, Zia. :)
  • 11:09:53: @aerialmelodies Indeed. I'd even be happy with what we have if it all actually lined up in all browsers. *sigh*
  • 11:10:39: @tjdietderich If you smile like that :D when you get a good hand, I bet not ;) LOL
  • 11:32:50: @aerialmelodies Yeah... haven't gotten to that yet... thinking of new blog name/online id for media works/portfolio. Wanna brainstorm w/me?
  • 12:23:11: Went for a walk outside. Did not want to come back in. It's gorgeous out there.
  • 12:32:07: Reasons to love today: it's Friday, the weather is beautiful, going for Thai with my awesome roomie, it's poker night. :) What are yours?
  • 12:38:18: Getting ready for the #radian6 webinar. Likely won't be Tweeting throughout, as I'll be in the conf room. Catch you on the flip side.
  • 13:08:20: Same here! RT @AmberCadabra: Love the phrase "digital Darwinism" from @briansolis. #Radian6
  • 13:10:42: Audio just cut out completely. #Radian6
  • 13:14:55: Audio back on. Problem with phone. Woops. #Radian6
  • 13:17:44: RT @MSchechter: The average age across SM sites starts at 28 and only goes up from there... not exactly pimply teens #Radian6
  • 13:27:54: RT @shih_wei: Every brand has to socialize from inside out. - @briansolis #Radian6
  • 13:28:28: RT @TheTAG_Team: This is the crux: "We learn...we listen...we participate...we learn again." #radian6 @briansolis #Radian6
  • 13:41:23: @briansolis says that the study of social media marketing is really more about "digital anthropology" than technology. #Radian6
  • 13:56:44: Don't think outside the box, think as if there is no box at all. -@briansolis #Radian6
  • 14:09:29: RT @ThinkSM: Empathy is critical no matter how transparent we are #Radian6
  • 14:22:40: @AmberCadabra Thanks, Amber. It was our conf. call phone. We fixed it and got figured out. :)
  • 14:23:02: @Choodomir It's not at my place, otherwise you'd be there! :)
  • 14:23:19: @amvandenhurk Very nice. Happy Friday, dear! :)
  • 14:25:26: Thanks, @radian6 @briansolis for great webinar on philosophy of engaging. The more I learn about sm marketing, the more I want to learn.
  • 14:26:47: Next step: nuts and bolts of #nonprofit social media strategy and execution. #np2 Suggestions on resources? (cc: @kanter @kgilnack)
  • 14:28:52: @yurikokinje Ashes to Ashes? (btw, you're not lame)
  • 14:35:34: @hjfalk @Gail_Hart @TransitionalTee @shonali Thanks, all, for the #ff love. :)
  • 14:37:44: @sallyalbright Oooh. Thanks for the rec. WIll look into it.
  • 14:41:06: Interested in social work and #aging? Check out our new page on Careers in Aging Week (April 4-10) here:
  • 14:41:22: @AmberCadabra I really need to do that this weekend, as well. Good luck! :)
  • 15:23:44: My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: She & Him (93), Imelda May (37) and Greg Edmonson (22)
  • 15:33:27: @critiques4geeks @StrongMail Thanks for the #FF love. Hope your Friday is going well.
  • 15:33:48: @aerialmelodies Really? Yikes! :(
  • 15:34:45: @Choodomir @Osyrn Hey, guys. Hookah at my place tomorrow evening?
  • 15:37:26: WOW. FULL bloom. :) RT @zentaratea: Your Cherry Blossom Festival, your National Monument #DC
  • 15:41:44: You know what would be really awesome? A contact importer for @LinkedIn from @twitter #justsayin
  • 16:10:08: @BreRoz Sorry, Bre. Hope you have fun plans for the weekend that will take your mind off it.
  • 16:19:49: Good Friday, Awesome Friday: Ahahahaha.
  • 16:20:19: @tscottyd That's what it looks like. I'm thinking a walk around the basin on Monday. :)
  • 16:27:58: Thinking about a complete revamp of my blog and/or new blog altogether. Have any of you done this? What wisdom can you offer me?
  • 16:55:50: @Osyrn Another time... Have the perfect back deck for it, so we'll have to do it sometime soon. :)
  • 17:31:04: RT @mollytics: Join me in telling Pres. @BarackObama to champion #cleanenergy NOT OFFSHORE DRILLING: (via @repowera ...
  • 17:47:25: RT @technosailor: I </3 tourists
  • 17:59:21: @heartsleeve Mine definitely needs to be refocused. Thinking a narrower scope, more deliberate posts, new name - 1 that will stick.
  • 18:05:15: RT @technosailor I </3 tourists.
  • 19:15:34: I just became the mayor of Siam Classic on @foursquare!
  • 19:15:34: I'm at Siam Classic (East ave, Manassas).
  • 21:36:52: Poker night and good music. Awesome!

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