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  • Apr. 5th, 2010 at 3:01 AM
cloverdew: (Default)

  • 06:55:07: Ummm baz luhrman remaking the Great Gatsby?! This, I gotta see. /via @BitsofBeauty
  • 07:29:11: @gracesmith Not gonna lie, so tempted by the shiny, but really? What do I need it for? Hmm...
  • 10:26:52: Flower Communion Sunday - my favorite (@ Bull Run Unitarian Universalists)
  • 16:35:11: @bookwormcu w00t! Wish I could have gone to the Sox/Nats game yesterday. Looked awesome.
  • 16:35:35: @Osyrn 41 miles! WOW. Nicely done, my friend.
  • 18:18:32: Watching the X-Files for the first time ever. Loving it already.
  • 18:22:17: I love these little Twitter-sermons. RT @paulocoelho: Happy Easter! Like Jesus, we must choose – and not accept – our destiny.
  • 18:46:20: @iGoByDoc The tv show. I never got into it when it was on tv, but my roommate is re-watching, so I'm joining her. Good stuff!
  • 19:01:22: Watching the X-Files (omg Seth Green's in this one!) and looking at books I wish I could afford on
  • 19:12:37: Interesting discussion on iPad's appeal in aesthetics vs. usefulness : via @emcgillivray
  • 19:14:35: @drewmaniac I know, right?! 2nd episode ever. He has long hair and is typical stoner 20-something. Hilarious.
  • 19:14:49: @sarahdiemer <3
  • 20:02:17: Rose-flavored hookah on the back porch (@ The House on Sugar Lane)
  • 20:44:09: @iGoByDoc I've heard that. I haven't been watching much live tv lately, but love Bones and am liking X-Files now so I'd probably like Fringe
  • 21:02:51: Preach it, Chris! :) RT @chrisbrogan: We often think we want a Savior. What we really need is ourselves.
  • 21:03:40: @AmberCadabra Love it. :) How was your weekend, Amber? :)
  • 21:04:30: @gloriabell Good luck with the long list! P.S. Like the new avatar. :)
  • 21:10:11: @dadaliketostada Because it's AWESOME. :)
  • 21:10:27: @aerialmelodies YAY for lazy Sundays. Glad you had a good weekend, hon. :)
  • 21:18:42: Wish I could make it - next time RT @Sisarina: Biggest #DCTweetup yet! 90 RSVPs, 2 days to go! Hang w/us on the roof!
  • 21:24:13: @AmberCadabra Same here. So haunting (in a good way).
  • 21:44:22: OUCH. RT @davidgerzof: Yankees beating the #RedSox in both the game and on Twitter Trends

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