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From Twitter 04-07-2010

  • Apr. 8th, 2010 at 3:01 AM
cloverdew: (Default)

  • 07:18:20: @nealfingtiemann Dethklok as in the band from Metalocalypse? Cuz that's some good stuff.
  • 08:31:32: LOL RT @vboykis: Spotted on the Metro: a Zune in the wild! An enndangered species.
  • 09:01:13: @vboykis Thanks, Vicki. My roommate and I were at the park with friends on Saturday and she snapped some candids. :) Good times outdoors!
  • 09:02:38: @oneluvgurl Enjoy! I hope it's rejuvenating and relaxing. :)
  • 09:05:42: @audaciously_ The downside of spring in NE... people forget to actually go to the beach to wear bikinis. *facepalm* Forgot all about that.
  • 09:09:55: For Careers in #Aging Week, check out our page highlighting resources for social workers: #socialwork
  • 09:17:09: Okay, really, Firefox? If I tell you "Never for this site" why must you insist on asking every time I go to that site?
  • 09:20:57: @iroamaround Those can be useful if people actually pay attention to them...
  • 09:48:00: @MattFrank Ah... hadn't thought of that. Thanks ;)
  • 10:10:07: @bookwormcu olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, and olives...
  • 10:22:23: @ziasami I have issues with Chrome, too. I use both and, when at home, use Safari.
  • 10:25:44: Feeling overwhelmed and distractable today... suggestions for a cure?
  • 10:31:03: @theplaiddress Nice. I think maybe turning the music off will help? Leaving the headphones on, though ;)
  • 10:39:25: @kstreetkate I know @chrisbrogan has mentioned it on his blog. He uses Wave for project management and collaboration.
  • 10:41:26: @aerialmelodies JSYK, Angelus might be in town that weekend. If so, my Fri evening is his, BUT we'd still be on for Sat/Sun. That okay?
  • 11:10:50: I love the ridiculous amounts of squee involved whenever @heather11483 and I chat/get together. xoxo
  • 11:22:54: @heather11483 Definitely. @bratkartoffel and I are scheming about a Watchmen party in May. :)
  • 11:23:20: @montiac712 If you can get away, come visit. Or you're always welcome to email. :)
  • 11:35:27: Busy day in the office today... stark contrast to the quiet of yesterday, but not necessarily bad. How goes it on *your* Hump Day?
  • 12:20:26: The #DC Complaints Choir: Sums up my love/hate relationship with the District pretty well.
  • 12:33:04: Long line today! Lunch = short! This doesn't bode well (@ Port of Piraeus)
  • 12:50:09: @JenKlunk NICE.
  • 12:50:28: @JenKlunk P.S. I love your dorky face. Pictures, plz?
  • 12:57:24: I had to read this while eating a grilled chicken sandwich, drinking my fruit smoothie. LOL RT @CooleyHorner: Gross:
  • 14:29:20: @cubanalaf There are few things I get #ohmygodletsgotodisneyworld excited for. A solid plan (for just about anything) is one of them. :)
  • 15:00:47: Waiting for the other shoe to drop... seems like it's one thing after another lately. Trying to keep a smile plastered on my face, anyway.
  • 15:41:12: @curtaincalls Thanks. You're a doll.
  • 16:50:40: @akmcquade It's #redsox Nation, baby! :)
  • 16:57:19: Rethinking Twitter: cleaning up some of my lists, using favorites to bookmark links or conversations for later. Have any other Twitter tips?
  • 17:22:35: Dear Tourists, I respect you, but you clearly don't respect me; it's time for this affair to end. Please take your things and gtfo. Love, S
  • 17:40:22: Decided: wine, hookah, budgeting, Pushing Daises, reading before bed. Unplugging.
  • 19:14:13: I just became the mayor of The House on Sugar Lane on @foursquare!
  • 19:14:13: The best of my two adopted cultures: Spaetlase from Rheinhessen and rose hookah (@ The House on Sugar Lane)
  • 20:42:50: Wine: check, hookah: check, dinner: check, shower: check, budgeting: in progress...
  • 21:17:02: @Sean_M_Maher Welcome to Twitter, Sean. Great to have you joining in the fun.
  • 21:22:57: @rebeccadenison #getrebeccatony sounds awesome (must admit, I'm a little jealous), but after that, we need #getrececcatodc XD
  • 21:58:55: Exhausted. Pushing Daisies before bed. Night, all. Sweet dreams!

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